Super Sports ABRaS Athletics Championship

Welcome to our Championships – these have been set up so as to provide motivation and competition within ABRaS and encourage you to turn out and represent us. Competition exists at all levels of the champs and just because you’re not challenging for the top spot doesn’t mean you can’t have fun competing at your level and challenging yourself to improve over (or just survive) the full racing season.

Current Results CLUB Champs 2018

Current Standings 2017-2018: (as of 29-April-2018)

Athletes with "*" Need to score in as many races as "star signs"

Athletes with "-" will not have enough races to score in overall results (minimum 5 scoring events)

Position Name - SR MEN Points
1 Tony Clarkson 48*
2 Mario Illan 41*
3 Mathew Ashton 39*
Position Name - SR WOMEN Points
1 Debbie Powell 45
2 Tala Elajou 26**
3 Katherine Howard 23**
Position Name - JR Men Points
1 Leo Sultan 20***
2 Max Powell 10-
3 Jure Mazej 9-
Position Name - JR Women Points
1 Charlotte Whitehead 19***
2 Juliette D'Othee 10-
3 Katarina Birimac 10-

Previous Championship Results

2015-2016 Final results:

Updated 12th May 2016 – Latest Full Results!!

Updated 7th May 2016

Full Club Champs 2015-2016 breakdown – Results


2013/14 Final Results:

Click here for the full 2014-15 results breakdown.

2013/14 Final Leader board:

Senior Male

Senior Female

Junior Male

Junior Female

1) Getinet Chala (50)

1) Debbie Powell (46)

1) Alex Cargill (34)

1) Anna Knightley (40)

2) Tony Clarkson (46)

2) Margaret Campbell (36)

2) Max Powell (29)

2) Elisha Powell (32)

3) John Carney (28)

2) Angeline Wehbe (31)

3) Linus Kastner (45)

3) Natalia Wazny (16)

Click here for 2013/14 Results Breakdown


The championship titles are open to all  members and the rules for participation and basis upon which the champs will be awarded are as follows:

Participation is limited to ABRaS members.

Awards will be made to a Junior Male  Champion, a Junior Female Champion, a Senior Male  Champion and a Senior Female  Champion. The junior categories are for anyone under the age of 18, while the senior categories are for anyone over the age of 18. Beyond these categories there will be no age related handicapping.

Points will be awarded based upon your official race position relative to the other Competing ABRaS Members in your category. The scoring is formula 1 style with 10 points awarded for first, 9 points for second, etc all the way down to 2 points for ninth and then from tenth onwards everyone gets 1 point.

For Senior categories the awards will be made based upon your best five results.

For Junior categories the awards will be made based upon your best five results.

In the event of a draw for Champion the results of those drawing will be extended to include one further result until a clear champion is established.

For your race result to count towards the  champs you must be wearing  (ABRaS vest) i.e. sorry, no ABRaS vest then no championship result for that particular race.


Sanctioned events that count towards the JUNIOR categories are as follows (Best 5 results from the following races):

  • Magic Mile: Track, November
  • 2.5km: Desert Road Runners, Autodrome, December
  • 5km: Super Sports Race, Meydan, 12th January
  • 5km: Super Sports Race, Meydan, 23rd February
  • Cross Country: 2XU race, Mushrif Park, 13th April
  • 3,000m: ABRaS Track Series, 7th May
  • 1,500m: ABRaS Track Series, 21st May
  • 800m: ABRaS Track Series, 28th May

IMPORTANT: The ‘Junior categories’ include an extensive age and developmental range and this must be considered when selecting events to compete in. A good guideline is the UKA rules which advise age (on day of race) and maximum race distance as follows: +11 to 13 years 4,000m; +13 to 15 years 6,000m; +15 years 10,000m; +16 years 16,000m; +17 years 25,000m; and +18 years marathon. Here in UAE further consideration must also be given to the extremes of temperature that can be encountered. If you are unsure of your ability or your child’s ability to race over certain distances please consult with ABRaS juniors coach, Trace Rogers. Remember, no under-age marathon running.


Sanctioned events that count towards the SENIOR categories are as follows:

  • 10km: Super Sports Race, Meydan, 13th October
  • 10 miles: Mirdif Milers race, Mushrif Park, 24th November
  • 5km: Desert Road Runners, Autodrome, December
  • Half Marathon: DCS, Creek, 8th December
  • Marathon: Standard Chartered, 26th January
  • Half Marathon, RAK, 9th February
  • 10 miles: Super Sports Race, Meydan, 23rd February
  • 10km: Super Sports Race, Meydan, 30th April
  • 3,000m: ABRaS Track Series, 7th May
  • 800m: ABRaS Track Series, 28th May

ABRaS Committee reserve the right to update and amend the selected races and rules for participation as seasonal events may dictate.

Throughout the season the status will be monitored and updates will be advised via  e-mails following each of the scheduled races such that you may tweak your training and tactics. The prestigious title, champ shield and lots of other goodies will be awarded on an annual basis to champs and runners up at the end of season awards night.

Registration and Payment