Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers, please feel free to
contact us if your question does appear on our list.

All runners interested in improving their speed, fitness or endurance are welcome to attend ABRaS training on either a Monday or Wednesday evening.

New runners are welcome to attend both Monday (Track) and Wednesday night (Various Locations) sessions.  Please contact the Duty Runner for more information and to confirm the training location.

ABRaS runners are free to join or remain members of any other sporting clubs.

Runners should be capable of running at least 8km continuously in order to benefit from ABRaS training.

Everyone can try our training sessions on up to 3 occasions (irrespective of where that training is held). After 3 sessions we ask you to join ABRaS in order to continue training with us.

fees are set at 400 AED for adults and 350 AED for juniors (those under 18).

Registration is done on

Once an ABRaS, you can attend as many or as few of the twice-weekly group sessions as you like. There is no limit, nor obligation. You will also be added to a mailing list such that you will receive the schedule for each training session. This allows you, for example, to do the training session on your own if other commitments prevent you from attending group training.

Our sessions are generally held in the dark and we are often running close together. It s not safe for you or your fellow runners if you wear an I-Pod. You need to be able to hear instructions and other runners.

Runners should aim to arrive on time for our training sessions – especially for track sessions. This means arriving at the track between 6.15pm and 6.30pm, ready to start the warm-up at 6:30pm.

The weather in Dubai presents some challenges for runners. See this article on Running in Extreme Temperatures for more information. Know the signs and symptoms of heat illness and their treatments. If you have any of the symptoms stop running, get to a cool place and consume cold fluids.