Overseeing Super Sports ABRaS Athletics

ABRaS has a group of willing runners that form the Management Team and they work hard to ensure the smooth running of the group.  Find out more about their roles and responsibilities here.


Ever wondered how ABRaS is run?

You probably knew this before but every single activity is organised and managed by volunteers “ people who work, have families and don’t spend the whole day in running shoes (although, admittedly some might)!

Why do they do it?

They are passionate about running.

They want to give something back to the group and local community.

They want to help others enjoy running

There are a number of opportunities for you to get involved. You don’t need any specific skills or background.  Please contact us if you would like to help!

Meet Our Team

Management Team



Debbie Powell

Chief/ Race coordinator

Angeline Wehbe

Vice Chief and Coach

Lesley Jones


Darryl Chiles


Mario Illán

IT Director


IT support

Margaret Campbell

Registration Secretary

Pieter Hendricks

ABRaS Champs Coordinator

Sarah Lamb

Ladies’ Captain

Chris Lamb

Mens’ Captain

Gabriel Rosito


Dave Thurley


Meet Our Coaches



Angeline Wehbe (Senior Coach)

Mat Ashton (Junior Coach)

Darryl Chiles


Registration and Payment